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Our Mission

To facilitate inexpensive, effective transmission of Small Data in all areas.

The market is looking for a solution that is stronger than Wi-Fi, but cheaper than a cellular data packet.

SmallData Tech provides the missing link for public and private entities to efficiently monitor countless activities.


Our state-of-the-art network provides scalable rural & urban systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Our long-range, multi-hop technology incorporates with Long Range Wide Area Network radio telemetry.


Our turnkey environmental monitoring sensors are engineered to be extremely efficient as well as cost-effective.


Mobile apps and desktop solutions integrate seamlessly providing practical and productive system maintenance.

About us

We're a group of engineering-minded individuals from all walks of life, helping you help others.

Desktop monitor displaying custom software created by SmallData Tech

Who We Are

Our team has been brought together by our passion to help regulatory agencies and businesses maximize their productivity and achieve their goals of ensuring public health & safety.

What We Do

We provide a scalable network for monitoring and recording environmental changes as well as resource management. Our services greatly benefit producers, consumers, farmers, businesses, municipalities, utilities, and government agencies.

  • Utility resource management
  • Water well depth monitoring
  • Stream level monitoring
  • Soil moisture sensing
  • Livestock management
  • Irrigation well monitoring
  • Automatic, remote meter reading
  • Tank gauge monitoring
  • Data collection

Our Services & Solutions

Our services center around a suite of readers & sensors developed to take full advantage of the small data network.

AMI Sentry Logo

Affordable technology solutions for your utility operations.

Introducing AMI Sentry

AMI Sentry is the first AMI solution designed with the small utility service provider in mind. It works with your current equipment and incorporates system upgrades on your timeline — all at an affordable price.

AMI Sentry can support numerous goals for a water service provider.

  • Eco-friendly initiatives
  • Increased safety for staff and consumers
  • Positive return on investment (ROI)

Let AMI Sentry Help You

Now, more than ever, utility service providers face numerous challenges:

water meter
  • Improving fiscal performance
  • Decreasing non-revenue water
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Promoting safety and environmental initiatives

Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, automatically retrieves meter readings 24/7.

AMI Sentry, by SmallData Tech, is uniquely positioned to serve your needs.

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Meet the Team

We're here to help you. Please reach out with any questions, ideas, or requests.

Kim Foster - CEO

Kim Foster


Matt Bergmeyer - COO

Matt Bergmeyer


Ben Bay - CTO

Ben Bay


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